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The Midnight Sun



July 31, 2022 marks Hungry Robot's 10 year anniversary.  Over the years we have released a lot of pedals.  Now it is time to look back on my on our 10 year history and bring some of the older, discontinued models.  These offerings are to be "DIRECT-ONLY" and built one-by-one as orders come in.  


The Midnight Sun is not your run-of-the-mill clean boost; it is a dynamic tone-shaping boost with a parametric mid-notch. 


Most boosts on the market are very similar and simply consist of a few parts strung together to form single gain stage.  The Midnight Sun is more than just a simple volume boost.  It makes use of two gain stages and a specially designed tonestack that creates a significant mid-notch, making it a unique toneshaping tool.  Most amps have a mid control but they usually fall short in creating a true mid-notch.  Chimey and raw come to mind when describing a mid-notch guitar tone and is great for blues.  


The TONE knob acts more as a parametric EQ than a traditional tone knob.   The TONE knob changes the frequency that the mid-notch is centered around.  The MIDS toggle sets the depth of the notch as well as the frequency range.  The left position gives you a strong high-mid presence and a deeper notch for an overall more jangly tone.  The right position has a strong low-mid presence and a subtler notch to give it a more woody quality. 

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