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Wash (V2 Manual)



July 31, 2022 marks Hungry Robot's 10 year anniversary.  Over the years we have released a lot of pedals.  Now it is time to look back on my on our 10 year history and bring some of the older, discontinued models.  These offerings are to be "DIRECT-ONLY" and built one-by-one as orders come in.  


The Wash is a dream come true for ambient player and ushers in a new chapter in the world of delays.  It accomplishes the arduous task of creating an organic, below-the-mix wash.  Normally this requires stacking 3-4 reverb and delay pedals at the end of your chain.  The unique "Wash Circuit"  creates the perfect wash with only one pedal.


The V2 Manual takes the circuit of The Wash and simplifies it with the removal of the tap temp circuitry for a more affordable model with all the great sounds of the original.

At its most basic utility, The Wash is an outstanding analog-voiced, tap-tempo delay with just over 1000ms of delay time.  


The Wash circuit is what makes the pedal stand out from other delays on the market.  The Wash circuit adds reverb to the signal and through a complicated network of internal feedback loops, subtle multi-head Binson effect, and what i have coined "ripple effect," It works to add a hauntingly beautiful wash to your signal in ways that can't be accomplished by stacking a reverb and a delay in series.  It does all of this while keeping the clarity and presence of your original signal without getting lost in the soup of decay.


The "Ripple" knob controls The Ripple Effect.  The Ripple Effect is a feature in which each successive delay trail slowly scatters and transforms into reverb.  The "Resonance" knob is to fine-tune the resonance and decay of the wash.  The Middle "The Wash" knob controls the mix/level of the wash.    


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