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The Mosfet Breaker



July 31, 2022 marks Hungry Robot's 10 year anniversary.  Over the years we have released a lot of pedals.  Now it is time to look back on my on our 10 year history and bring some of the older, discontinued models.  These offerings are to be "DIRECT-ONLY" and built one-by-one as orders come in.  


The Mosfet Breaker follows in the footsteps of the Mosfet Screamer. It is heavily modded and tweaked Bluesbreaker with the same Mosfet gain stage driving the front end. It is not inspired by any other Bluebreaker clones (KOT/MG). Its development came about from playing around with parts of the circuit in the shop until I felt like I have improved upon the original design. One toggle switch controls the gain on the Mosfet stage. The other provides a bass boost for times when you want to run your controls wide open, but there is too much treble or you are just looking for a more creamy tone.

Hungry Robot
Hungry Robot
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