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The Mosfet Screamer



July 31, 2022 marks Hungry Robot's 10 year anniversary.  Over the years we have released a lot of pedals.  Now it is time to look back on my on our 10 year history and bring some of the older, discontinued models.  These offerings are to be "DIRECT-ONLY" and built one-by-one as orders come in.  


The Mosfet Screamer is my take on the fabled tubescreamer. It is far from stock specifications on any TS model. It is heavily modified and tweaked to my taste. Besides tweaking part values and removing the buffers, there is an extra section of circuitry added at the beginning to give it a more range. A Mosfet gain stage drives the front end of the circuit to bring out a bit more gain and beefiness. One toggle switch sets the gain of the Mosfet stage and the other controls two sets of clipping diodes for subtle changes in gain structure

Hungry Robot
Hungry Robot
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