The Starlite is the world's 1st modulated reverb with tap tempo controlled rate. The release of this pedal marks a giant leap forward in the world of time-based effects and will revolutionize how you use and experience reverb.


The Starlite is an offshoot of my ever-popular "Stargazer" reverb. The Stargazer is known for being an extremely musical reverb. I expanded upon the ambient capabilities of The Stargazer and pushed the circuit to its limits. The Starlite features an atmospheric, present reverb with the same self-oscillation capabilities. The addition of thick, pulsating modulation makes The Starlite the ultimate ambient experience.


The tap tempo feature allows you to accurately synchronize your reverb to the tempo you are playing as well as the other time-based effects, adding a rhythmic dimension to your reverberations.

Version 2 incorporates a fully redesigned LFO section with smoother modulation and quieter operation as well as the addition of a ramp-up/ramp-down knob for added control of the modulation. 


Price: $197.10

Current Draw: 73 mA

Switching: True-Bypass

Dimensions: 4.7” x 2.6” x 1.5”

Powering:  9V DC - Negative Center - 2.1mm Barrel

What's new with version 2?

- Updated LFO for smoother modulation and quieter operation -

  - NEW KNOB - LFO Ramp Up/Ramp Down -
      - Removal of Tap Tempo Input -

- Dedicated Rate LED -

Will you offer an upgrade from V1 to V2?   

- I am able to offer an upgrade from V1 to V2 for a small fee -

-There are many similarities between V1 & V2, but upgrading does require an updated PCB and enclosure -